Traveling is never complete without trying eating. Many travelers love eating popular street food in the place they’re visiting, while some brave individuals try out the exotic food that locals love. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Top 5 Unusual Restaurants Around the World.

Cannibalistic Sushi (Japan)

5 Unusual Restaurants Around the World - Japan

This restaurant in Tokyo was inspired by an extremely rare practice of serving sushi or sashimi in the body of a woman, (usually naked) called Nyotaimori. The body or plate is made from food and placed on top of table that looks similar to surgery tables found in hospitals. What makes it unique is that when the body is cut, it looks like a bleeding human body with sushi and sashimi that are made to look like internal organs. Guests can choose between male and female bodies and eat any part of the mannequin.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)

5 Unusual Restaurants Around the World - Maldives

This restaurant in Maldives is the first aquarium-style underwater restaurant in the world. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is set almost five meters below sea level. The restaurant can seat up to a dozen guests. Inside the restaurant, guests can enjoy their meals while watching marine creatures swimming gracefully. It serves a four-course contemporary fusion Maldivian menu and other gourmet dishes.

Modern Toilet (Taiwan)

5 Unusual Restaurants Around the World - Taiwan

The idea for Modern Toilet was conceived by one of it owners while reading and sitting on the toilet. The restaurant originally served chocolate ice cream in squat toilet-shaped containers, making the dessert look like poop. Because of the success of this idea, it became a full-fledged toilet restaurant serving different kinds of food in toilet-shaped containers. Modern Toilet has many chains in different locations across Asia.

O.Noir (Canada)

5 Unusual Restaurants Around the World - Canada

O.Noir is a restaurant in Montreal, with a second location in Toronto, gives their guest a unique experience of dining in a world without sight. Dining in the dark is a popular theme around the world, but the concept originated in Canada in 2006. It is believed that if the sense of sight is eliminated, the other senses – hearing, touch, smell, and taste are amplified, allowing the guests to have a better dining experience. The guests can place their orders in a lit bar before they are led to an unlit dining room by their server for a two-hour seated dinner. Guests need not worry, because the servers will explain to them everything that is on their table.

Devil Island Restaurant (China)

5 Unusual Restaurants Around the World - China

Devil Island Restaurant in China is one of kind because it is decorated like a real prison down to the last detail. The restaurant has large steel structures at the entrance and the doors and windows inside have steel bars, and it has a metal floor. To make the experience even more realistic, some servers are dressed like inmates, wearing black and white striped uniforms. Originally, the restaurant was established to scare people, so they would avoid getting into a life of crime, by showing them how bad life inside the prison could be. Once they’ve entered the restaurant, the guests become prisoners, having their photos and fingerprints taken, and sometimes they are handcuffed while they are led to their table.


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