Grab App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

Grab App Reviews 2017 brand logoThe Grab app, a travel service catering to Southeast Asia, was formerly known as both GrabTaxi and MyTeksi. They are reputed to have the largest network of cab drivers in Southeast Asia. Rooted in Singapore, the region developed a way for travellers to instantly hail a vehicle at their convenience – be it a taxi, car, bike, or other – straight from their devices.

Our Grab app reviews look into the app that makes instant and reliable travelling possible to many,  as well as what users think of their service.

Services and Features

The Grab app is famous the world over for giving daily commuters and people who simply need a lift in Southeast Asia an instant solution to their travel needs.

Grab App Reviews 2017 main service

For people familiar with this kind of service, Grab app users benefit from the current service features that let them be picked up and dropped off at the most convenient locations. You can grab a GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabBike depending on what mode of transportation you are looking for straight to your location. One can also avail of delivery service GrabExpress and carpooling community GrabHitch through the Grab app.

Now, booking and payment are upgraded for easier and faster usage, with mobile wallet a future payment option. Grab app users can share the app to family and friends.

Grab App Reviews 2017 mobile screenshot

According to their app profile, the following are the three steps to Grab:

  1. “Download the app for free and register your account
  2. Start booking! The app auto-detects your location for pick-up. Choose your destination.
  3. Confirm a driver and track them as they make their way to you.”

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Reviews of Customers

The most recent Grab app reviews wrote: “It’s a convenient way of getting a ride especially on rush hours. Fares are flat rate so there wont be any surprises once dropped off. Definitely a liberating improvement of our transportation system. 😊,” “Grab is a good app for us who wanted to get away drom the long lines ang long waiting of Taxi. Drivers are friendly, and is always so easy to get along with. You will have no worries on how to get home safely. Its really good,” and “Despite of few issues of bad drivers, i can say Grab stil renders excellent job! More power and God bless.”

Grab App Reviews 2017 user

All of these Grab app reviews gave the app 5 stars, calling the service “convenient and safe.” On their Google Play page, the Grab app was rated 4.5 stars out of 5.

How To Reach Them?

Useful and Convenient Travel App

Grab app is one of the best developments on the transportation system in Southeast Asia nowadays, especially as Grab app reviews indicate. Their services always deliver whenever they are needed; travellers are assured of an alternative means of transport.

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