EasyJet: Travel App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

Using the EasyJet: Travel App, various parts of your flight experience from planning to checking in to boarding are covered. EasyJet: Travel App users have a convenient travel companion that helps them through multiple stages of flying with EasyJet. The app simplifies and speeds up the screening process, provides guidance through booking, and keeps you up to date when you’re at the airport waiting for your flight.

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Our EasyJet: Travel App reviews take a closer look at the app’s main services and features and what users think of them. We hope these EasyJet: Travel App reviews help.

Services and Features

EasyJet fliers now have their very own EasyJet: Travel App they can use whenever they’re preparing and embarking on their flight with the airline. The EasyJet: Travel App makes the whole process easier, covering all important aspects of the flight you might need help with – from booking to checking in to getting instant reminders to head towards your gate or information about a change in the baggage reclaim belt.

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On the EasyJet: Travel App, you can simply scan your passport details or your card with your phone camera and you’re all set. The app works as your mobile boarding pass; you can store up to five boarding passes per flight which are available offline.

Only some of the tasks you can do on the EasyJet: Travel App are the following, according to  EasyJet: Travel App reviews: book and change flights, manage disruption, and add seats, bags, and sports equipment. Aside from these, EasyJet: Travel App users can view the location of their planes in real time and check departure and arrival information and other live updates from the easyJet Operations Control Centre.

Reviews of Customers

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Here are what some of the recent EasyJet: Travel App reviews wrote: “It’s good when it works, electronic boarding pass and flight tracking are useful. However it sometimes takes an age to load and shows a black screen – not what you want when it’s your turn at the boarding gate. Also it’s hard to trust an app which sometimes pops up a nullpointer exception – no end user should ever be confronted with that.”
Many of these EasyJet: Travel App reviews complain the app takes a long time to load. Other writers recommend some things they’d like to see on the app or improved or updated. Overall, on Google Play, EasyJet: Travel App reviews writers gave the app a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

How To Reach Them?

An Interesting App Service

EasyJet: Travel App Reviews 2017 airplaneEasyJet: Travel App is pretty useful though has a few minor problems. They’ll need to improve some parts of its functions, especially the mobile boarding pass as apparently the app takes ages to cooperate. The EasyJet: Travel App’s straightforward features would work great with any user after these important updates.

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