is an American company and a commercial website. Priceline became known for its Name Your Own Price system which aims to help users find discount rates for any travel-related purchases. Travelers could name their price when looking for airline tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms and vacation packages. Priceline is not a direct supplier of the services they offer, the company only facilitates the provision of the travel services offered by the suppliers to their customers. is a subsidiary of The Priceline Group. This Reviews will give you an insight on the services offered by the company and other relevant information.

Background, History, and More Information

Priceline was founded by Jay S. Walker in 1998 and went public in 1999. Walker left the company in year 2000.

Priceline Reviews - Priceline CEO Brett KellerBrett Keller was named Chief Executive Officer of in November 2016. As the CEO Keller will report to Interim CEO and Chairman of the Board for the Priceline Group, Jeffrey H. Boyd. Prior to this, he served as the company’s interim CEO, most recently served as Chief Operating Officer, and chief Marketing Officer. He joined in 1999, and has played a central role in its growth and development for the past 17 years. Keller hold an MBA from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management and an undergraduate degree in Japanese from Brigham Young University. Before he joined, Brett served as a Director of Online Travel for Cendant’s online travel businesses.

The headquarters of is located at Norwalk, Connecticut, United States. It also has offices in New York, Winnipeg, and Columbus.
Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

Here are some Reviews shared by customers who have used the company’s services.

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“I have used them for years but irecently i booked a (3) star hotel in Lafayette, La. Got there and vomit on the floor and mildew everywhere. I had driven 7 hours to get there and did not want to argue with the hotel manager (who spoke very poor english) so i got on priceline and booked another 4 star at a much higher rate. I contacted priceline and sent pictures etc. They told me that the manager said there were no problems so they wouldn’t refund me. After over 100 bookings they wouldn’t stand up for me. It isn’t the money it is the principle.” says John Sanches (via

Priceline Reviews - Priceline Customer Review






“It was a good experience to give Priceline the chance to be a part of my traveling. So far, I found it one of the best traveling websites that provide some good offers. I also have the trust upon this website when make a reservation and payment. Thank you” says Hissain (via


Their Official Website

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  • Contact number: 1-877-477-5807
  • Head Office Address: 800 Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut, United States

Conclusion offers good travel deals for their customers, but you have to be careful when making reservations. It is true that you can select a general location, service level and price, the booking/reservation will only be disclosed to you once the purchase was made, and you can no longer cancel your bookings. Positive Reviews mostly mention how the customers were satisfied with the services they received and how the prices were affordable and reasonable. While some Reviews also criticize the company for the issue stated above and some even suggested that should have a cancellation period just in case the customers have accidentally pressed the wrong buttons or committed booking mistakes.



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