Opodo is an online travel agency which offers deals in regular and charter flights, low cost-airlines, hotels, cruises, car-rental, dynamic and holiday packages and travel insurance. It is a pan-European enterprise founded by a consortium of European Airlines including British Airways, Air France, Alitalia, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, Australian Airlines and Finnair. Amadeus, the travel technology provider of Opodo, owned 99.4% of the company until 2011.

Opodo Operates out of fourteen European countries, with headquarters in London. It operates Opodo-branded sites in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Poland and Switzerland; as well as Travellink-branded sites in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and Finland. Opodo also operates in several French websites.

Opodo Logo

Origins and Ownership

Opodo launched its first site in Germany in November 2001, and its UK and French sites in 2002, followed by its Italian site in 2006. The former CEO of Alitalia and the present CEO of IATA: Giovanni Bisignani; was Opodo’s first CEO. While Nicolas De Santis, former CMO of web currency beenz.com and president of think tank Gold Mercury International, was Opodo’s first director in Marketing and Strategy.

Since 2011, Opodo is a part Europe’s largest online company: eDreams ODIGEO.

What people are saying

On 2015, Opodo won a prestigious British Travel Award as being “The Best Flight Booking Website”, by over three-hundred-thousand consumers who voted. However, regardless of this; majority of Opodo’s customers complains about how Opodo’s customer service team lacks of responsiveness. Instances includes: not receiving a reply from an email for over a month, for them being unreachable by phone, as well as many instances in which tickets booked and confirmed through Opodo, are never really reserved with the airline.  

The Website

With the blue sky that compliments Opodo’s white background. Opodo’s website is a simple and user-friendly website. In here, just like any other online travel websites; you can arrange flights, book hotels, search for car rentals or even check their deals and cheap offer that can save you some money.

Opodo Website

Scrolling down, some of their deals regarding some trips to Europe’s famous places are posted, some kind of an advertisement that you’ll have a hard time ignoring, especially if you love traveling, and especially if it means traveling at a low cost.

Opodo Website 2

Opodo also offers their mobile app, which you can download by clicking the links below.

Opodo for iOS: Opodo

Opodo for Android: Opodo

Opodo App

Contact information

  • Website URL: www.opodo.com
  • Contact number:  0044-121-281-3360 / 0044-800-368-3866 (Toll Free)
  • Head Office Address: Waterfront, Hammersmith Embankment, Chancellors Road, London, W6 9RU.

Opodo Logo


In Conclusion, by reading some of Opodo’s customers reviews, and based on how Opodo responds to them but still doesn’t do something about these concerns. Opodo’s credibility might be in peril, and they should do something about it. Making customers doubt about their services won’t do any good to Opodo. Still, there are customers who still remains loyal to Opodo; let’s just hope that Opodo will continue to do their best, especially in resolving the issues, regarding their customers’ complains.  


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