JustFlyJustFly is one of the most popular Online Travel Agencies that provides amazing services to its users to book flight tickets online. JustFly aims to provide cheaper deals and services and helps people save money by finding cheaper flights online. The company was established on 2014 and is renowned as the fastest growing United States online travel company, serving people and making their travels smooth and delightful.

Justfly has relationships with more than 400 airlines across the globe, to offer the cheapest price available to their customers from a wide range of travel providers. With a dedicated team of over 200 software engineers, technological experts and travel savvy individuals who strive diligently just to make JustFly the best way to prepare, book and handle your travel plans, the company is very confident that their service is next to none when it comes to providing low-cost air fares, and superb, cheap deals.

What people are saying

I’ve been reading a lot of reviews, regarding JustFly’s services towards its customers and I was not surprised to find tons of positive reviews coming from their customers. The company’s outstanding services and cheap deals, with no hidden charges or extra payments really hits their customer’s hungry travel hearts, making them choose the JustFly as their primary travel agent. Here’s some of the reviews I’ve read and gathered:

I allways look for justfly before booking any ticket and to be honest , i allways get an awesome for the flights i prefer. I have bolong ticket since two year though website and its allways awesome. Great deals. Good team and allways have variety of options for travel.”
—Kunal Tembhurne (United Kingdom)

“I had just tried booking my flight on another website, and it was terrible! I could not get a hold of any agent on the phone, my reservation kept getting declined, it was stressful! I decided to look on JustFly and within minutes I had booked my flight AND received confirmation! I will always look to book with JustFly. Great company!”
Anthony Fern (United States)

“I googled flights online and clicked on to this site. I checked for my flight times and prices and these rates were the best by far and the times were exactly what I was looking for, The service was expeditious and very straight forward. Would definetly use JustFly again in a second. Thanks JustFly,”
—Ann Gordon (United States)

The Website


A simple and minimalistic website that offers the best travel deals, way cheaper than the others. The website will welcome you with its layout that shows a calming shade of blue blackground and numbers of beautiful photos of the places that they advertise as you scroll down. Users are allowed to search, choose and book the best deal that matches their travel preferences. YOu can even search for the best hotel deals. The website is easy to use and transactions can be done with great ease. You can check their website by clicking here.


Customer Service

Though their customer service hotline has a schedule of 8am till midnight on weekdays, and 8am to 4pm during the weekends. JustFly can still be contacted by dialing the numbers listed below. Expect a courteous assistance given by their customer service representatives that are always willing to help every customer’s questions and concerns.

Contact information

  • Website URL: http:/www.just/fly.com/
  • Contact number: 1-800-717-5015 and (213) 986-3515 [Direct]
  • Head Office Address: 50 Water Street Suite 302A, Summerside, PE, CA, C1N1B6.



An Online Travel Agency that provides good services with their top-notch, cheap deals. JustFly continues to give their customers the satisfaction and worry-free online booking that makes everything smooth and at ease. From online booking to the flight itself. Booking with JustFly can lead to a great and memorable travel experience.


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