JustFly is an online travel agency created by a team of technological experts under the umbrella company known as Momentum Travel. Momentum Travel also houses the large Canadian online travel agency known as Flighthub. JustFly states that in their mission the goal is to sell the cheapest possible tickets online. They’re partnered with over 400 airlines globally and today we’re going to be investigating whether or not JustFly has been successful or not in their mission to serve customers with the cheapest rates online.

To do this, we’ll be making price comparisons with JustFly and other large online travel agencies in the same market and we’ll also be taking a look at what their customers are saying about them. Without further adieu, let’s jump in.

JustFly: Price Review

The large American based travel agency claims to sell the cheapest tickets, but don’t they all? They did grow very fast over the past few years, but why? Was it because of their cheap tickets, customer satisfaction or something else? Let’s have a look at the first potential option first, their prices.

How we’re going to accomplish this is by comparing Justflys prices with Expedia.com and Cheapoair.com, their direct competitors. We’ll search for the exact same airport codes and travel dates on each website and see who comes out cheapest. Pretty simple test, let’s see how it goes.

The first search we’ll do is from two very popular US destinations, LAX (Los Angeles) to JFK (New York) and all searches will be return flights and will be between June 1st and June 15th, 2018.

The first search we did for that itinerary was on Cheapoair. The result we found was $291.00, the highest price of all 3 searches (NotSoCheapoAir).

Cheapoair – $291.00


Next, we looked on Expedia, which was $279.00, while it’s quite a bit better than Cheapoair Expedia came in second place on this one.

Expedia – $279.00

And finally, as you guessed JustFly was actually quite a bit cheaper than its two top competitors in this case. The price for their ticket came in at $276.00.

JustFly – $276.00

After multiple price comparisons, we found the result to be the same in each and every case. Cheapoair was dead last, Expedia was second and JustFly was always the cheapest. We did 3 price comparisons. Solely based on this information we would encourage our readers to search JustFly before booking their tickets with another company.

Next we’re going to be looking at what people are saying about JustFly. And not just anyone, actual customers who have used them in the past. Price isn’t everything for everyone, a many people, including myself likes to know that after spending money we’re going to be taken care of should any problems arise. JustFly does claim that they are there to assist you on the phone every step of the way and their customer service line is prominently located at the top of the screen throughout the process.

For us to get an idea of what real custoemrs are saying about the online travel agency we took a look at a few big name review platforms to look at the reviews and overall rating scores on siteJabber, TrustPilot and Feefo.com. Here’s what we found.

JustFly Reviews – SiteJabber

On SiteJabber, they scored a 3.5 out of 5 star review from a total of 2,400 reviews. It’s not a bad score Btu if we look down at the scoring break down below, we can see that they actually scored 4 stars on everything except “shipping” which is a little weird since JustFly doesn’t ship anything, aside from people, in planes but we’re pretty sure that’s not what customers were rating. We can only assume from this that customers became confused on SiteJabber when prompted to rate the companies shipping experience and just gave a sort of “whatever” vote. This “whatever” vote brought their entire score down.

I have booked multiple times through JustFly. The website is easy, and the flight prices are comparable to other sites. I have used other sites if I can get a cheaper flight. I had a glitch once and the customer service rep was able to rectify it for me without any major problems.

– Amy .H

My review on this trip is great. The flight attendants were friendly and helpful on assisting with beverages and snacks. Flight was nice and smooth which was excellent since I’m uneasy on the whole flying thing. I can’t wait to book my next trip with y’all thanks again.

– David .Z

JustFly Reviews – TrustPilot

On Trust Pilot JustFly somehow managed to score a perfect score out of 137,000 total reviews. This is very impressive. as we looked through the page we did see a few complaints though, but it seems that JustFlys customer service team is active on here as well in resolving customer complaints and so a resolved customer complaint doesn’t count against the score as much as complaints left unattended to.


Easy to navigate through booking flights. Able to go back and edit items at any given time throughout the process.


It’s so easy and they find for you the cheapest ticket and thank you guys for the app justfly

JustFly Reviews – Feefo

Finally, let’s have a look at Feefo.com, another large online review platform and see how JustFly is doing there. Overall they have a 4.1 star rating out of a total of almost 10,000 reviews on Feefo.

It was a very good flight service was fantastic and great price thank you so much I will come again

– Leonard Bently

The description of both way flights was a good thing . Yes I would recommend them

– April Brochu

 To sum things up, it does look like JustFly is indeed a legitimate online travel agency and given their size are doing a great job at following their mission statement to keep prices low and customers happy. We’d deem JustFly to be a trustworthy website worth investigating for your next travel endeavor.

Have you used JustFly in the past? Let us know how it went in the comments below.


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