In the world of business, it is widely understood and accepted that the owners’ main goal is to generate profit. However, why are other establishments more admired than others? It all comes down to ethics and reliability. Everyone prefers to patronize businesses who they think are actually driven to solve their problems. Meeting the market’s needs is what keeps a business alive. The moment they fail to accommodate customer demands marks their failure as a business itself.

The travel industry is teeming with companies who offer different solutions. From tickets to travel planning, these businesses thrive because of very specific needs. Online travel agencies are among the prime examples of this. Today, we will take a look at, an online travel agency who offers different services from flight tickets to car rental services. Is FlightHub legit? Should you trust them with your travel booking, your personal information, and your money? We’ll find out.

A brief look at FlightHub

Is FlightHub Legit - FlightHub Website

If this is your first time hearing about this OTA, you’re not alone. Despite its rather large customer base, they still do not have the same popularity level as other travel businesses like, say, Expedia.

FlightHub began operating more than 20 years ago. During the time, they were still an offline travel agency based in Ontario, Canada and were offering their services to a relatively meager market compared to what they have now. However, sometime in the early to mid-90’s, the travel experts of FlightHub decided to team up with software developers and web designers to make use of the then-new technology which is the internet. After developing their own infrastructure which helped them gain traction.

Nowadays, FlightHub operates solely as an online travel agency, They are a distributor of airline tickets, hotel room accommodations, car rentals, and cruise trips around the world. The company promises to give travelers beginning-to-end customer support, affordable tickets, all-in pricing, and a secure online way of purchasing their travel needs online.

Security review

Luckily for everyone who plans to buy from FlightHub, there has yet to be any news about leaked information or any sort of security breach. This is a huge check mark for anyone who might feel uncomfortable about providing their personal details—especially credit card/bank information—to online businesses. Past customers were all pleased with the experience. Some even commented that they felt safe with FlightHub.

Customer reviews

Speaking of critique, I also read several customer reviews from various websites that I found. I filtered them to show the latest comments and posts to make sure that everything is updated and appropriate.

Here are some of the reviews.

Is FlightHub Legit-Review 1

“We received a good price and had a good flight. The only bad thing was the layover and seniors have a hard time after being awake for over 24 hours.”

—  Mary

Is FlightHub Legit-Review 2

“Easy to use. Great choices when looking at flights. Example: you can choose cheapest, fastest , most popular, which gives you so many options.

We checked other sites and Flight hub was by far the BEST! Other’s try to “trick” you in to thinking you got a great deal until check out when all of a sudden your good deal is exchanged into USD! Not such a great deal after all. I have used flight hub in the past and this year, we have booked three trips with them (one to USA, one to Africa and one within Canada) and we will definitely book more in the future with Flight Hub!!!! We are happy customers indeed:)”

— Joanne

Is FlightHub Legit-Review 3

“The reason for this harsh review is that i was stranded in airport by Air conecting flight departed before my late flight arrived. Since it was a small flight there was none till hours later. The later flight was cancelled thus i had to fly to the nearest airport, rent a car to drive and pick-up my car at the other airport. I will be reimbersed but i wasted an entire day at the end of aberevement trip. In the future i will deal only with major routes and congestion just to ensure i am not put in the same position.”

— Harold

Is FlightHub Legit-Review 4

“Enabled their flight price notification, and waited. After about 2 weeks, they alerted me the price of the flight I wanted had dropped more than $100, I am now able to go see my brother in Pittsburgh!”

— Jason

Should you trust FlightHub?

Despite the slight obscurity of this website, FlightHub’s loyal customer base swear on the business’ competence. I believe that there are two main reasons behind this strong relationship. First, FlightHub does not try to stray away from their core. They are an online travel agency that promised to give travelers a low-cost alternative to booking travel necessities, and they remain true to that promise. Second, the company strives to connect to their customers. Whether through social media, email, or even responding to complaints from online forums,  FlightHub does its best to have give every interaction a personal touch.

So, is FlightHub legit? Yes. It definitely is a must-try OTA.



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