Goibibo is an online travel aggregator, headquartered in Gurgaon, India, formed as a part of the Ibibo Group in 2009. It allows users to book flights, hotels and transportation services which can be accessed by their website, as well as their mobile app. In 2015, Goibibo became the first indian Online Travel Agency, to partner with Google flight search. Goibibo was also awarded The Economic Times “Best Tech Travel”.   


Origins and Ownership

I’ve been looking and searching throughout the internet for the origins and history of Goibibo but always end up reading an information about Ibibo.

Ibibo is an online travel organization founded in 2007 by Ashish Kashyap, the founder and chief executive office of the Ibibo Group. Ibibo is a subsidiary of Naspers, which owns an 80% stake in Ibibo Group. The Company owns several travel-related business services, such as: B2C online Travel, the online bus-ticketing platform: RedBus, Travelboutique.com and also Goibibo.

The Ibibo Group was named one of the top five most trusted e-commerce brands in India in the Brand Trust Report India Study.  

What people are saying

Apparently, Goibibo gathered a number of reviews coming from its users, a combination of negative and positive reviews that sorts out the company’s pros and cons. Unfortunately though, the number of positive reviews cannot beat the almost infinite numbers of their customer’s complaints. From fraud, false advertisements, extra hidden charges, to their rude and unprofessional customer service representative. Whether if the user is using the app or the website, still–complaints talks about the same things. Here are some of the reviews:   

For the first time I used this app to book a hotel in Mysore names addhuri Comforts Inn. I felt like being cheated when the hotel said it’s a deluxe room. Honestly it was a single sized room but they displayed it as double deluxe room. Full of mosquitoes and charged 1200 extra for a person who slept on ground. They called me and said they will credit gocash to compensate my loss but only in talks. It’s worst app ever. Cleartrip and clear my trip is far better than goibibo. Kindly do not book “
—Soumik Mitra (India)


“ I booked a hotel room in Nagpur for two people and paid the sum in advance.. After taking a taxi and going across the city for 15km I got to know that the rooms are not available. The place was so shady and horrible, and the hotel staff dint had the courtesy to even talk… They told us to contact goibibo.. Once I called them they told me that they cannot cancel the room because hotel is not taking there calls…. FYI all this happened at 12am.. Same incident happened with me in Vadodara also.. Cheat”
—Ravinder Singh

“They never give u any discount on any flight. Cash back is just a showcase, never ever trust on goibibo. They just fool you by showing high cash back, u can only save 150 at max on booking of 8000. That is wht I understood.”
—Manjeet Singh Lowanshi

The Website


Goibibo’s simple website allows users to search for flights, hotels, transport services, holiday and travel packages, and more. You just need to fill up the search queries, click search, compare and choose the best choice that suits your desire.


Goibibo also have their mobile app, which is free to download and is available Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users. You can download the app by clicking the links below:

Goibibo: Android
Goibibo: iOS
Goibibo: Windows Phone

Contact information

  • Website URL: http://www.ibibo.com/
  • Contact number: +91 9213025552 / 1-860-2-585858
  • Contact Email: ceo@goibibo.com
  • Head Office Address: 5th Floor, Good Earth City Centre. Sector-50, Gurgaon-122018. Haryana (India)



Aside from the fact that Goibibo receives dozens and dozens of negative remarks from its users, I think Goibibo is still developing and progressing. Continuing to provide services towards their customers and ensuring them to get the best deals and offers. However, the company shouldn’t take the customer’s complaints lightly, they should take actions on their mistakes and prove to the people that Goibibo is credible and reliable.


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