Thanks to the internet, traveling has become so popular and convenient that virtually anyone can do it. Gone are the days where you were asked to spend thousands of dollars for a single trip. With so many available destinations for you to enjoy, you’d be surprised at how affordable travel can be. Today, we’ll take an in-depth assessment of, an online travel agency that is quickly gaining popularity with travel enthusiasts around the world. Check out our latest FlightHub Reviews 2018 to see how this OTA holds up to today’s travel service standards.

A brief look at FlightHub

The company originally took off 20 years ago as an offline travel agency. Back then, they used to only serve a small customer base in Ontario, Canada. FlightHub decided to team up with software engineers once they noticed the internet’s capability of serving a wider audience, thus, creating their current website called

Today, FlightHub has partnered with more than 400 airlines, thousands of hotels, and other travel companies which gives them access to numerous promos and discounts that you can avail. They also offer car rentals and cruise trips to anyone around the world. FlightHub also promises to offer the cheapest price among all other online travel agencies today.

FlightHub customer reviews

I have taken a look at the most used travel review sites online to help me form my own review of this company. Based on the results of my FlightHub reviews 2018 web search, most customers found FlightHub to be highly recommended in terms of convenience, pricing, and customer service. People found FlightHub to provide some of the cheapest flight tickets and they were also pleased with the customer service department for their timely response to their needs and concerns. Here are some of the reviews from verified customers.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews 1 TrustPilot

One customer was worried about their booking from a third-party ticket seller. After purchasing a ticket from FlightHub, they posted a thread in Trip Advisor asking for reviews. Subsequently, the person called the airline to see if the ticket has been officially booked.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews- 2 TripAdvisor

Below are even more FlightHub reviews 2018.

FlightHub Reviews 2018 Customer Reviews 3 Feefo

Looking at the customer reviews above, I see a lot of initial doubt about buying tickets from a third-party supplier like FlightHub. It’s normal, I believe, to have these concerns especially if you’re purchasing something so important as a flight ticket. Fortunately, these apprehensions can be easily solved by giving the airline a call. If you’re booking your first ticket via FlightHub, I also suggest that you call the airline to reassure you that your flight has really been booked and paid. There may be a delay of several minutes before the airline receives the booking confirmation, so it’s a good idea to give it at least 30 minutes before you contact them.

The FlightHub website

FlightHub Reviews 2018 FlightHub Website has a familiar layout because it uses a design similar to that of other online travel agencies and airline sites. On top of their website is the flight/hotel/car rentals booking section which allows you to input everything you need. Select your starting point, your destination, the date of your departure, the date of arrival (in the case of round-trip flights), and the number of passengers. If you’re booking a flight, don’t forget to select what type of flight you want and also specify if you’re traveling with children and/or infants.

Below the booking section, you’ll see several photos of the most famous travel destinations in the world.

If you have any concerns about booking, trip cancellations, refunds, et cetera, kindly visit their FAQs page here.

Contact details

If you can’t find the answer to your questions on the page above, you can contact FlightHub directly using the contact information below.

  • Website:
  • Toll-free phone number: 1-800-900-1431
  • Direct phone number: 1-647-689-2956
  • Office address: 2340282 Ontario Inc., 11½ Second Street West, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 1G3

Our verdict on FlightHub

So, should you be using FlightHub as your main booking platform? If you like the positive FlightHub reviews above, and if you’re up to trying new OTAs, then sure. FlightHub may not be as popular as Expedia or CheapOair but their services are just similar. If we’re basing on what their customers have to say, FlightHub may even offer cheaper tickets compared to the aforementioned OTA giants. Convenience is also a great factor because FlightHub, just like any major online travel agency, also developed their own mobile app. This makes things a lot easier for those who book their trips on the go.

Explore their website, try out their app, and compare prices. Don’t forget to read their policies and FAQs to familiarize yourself with the things you can do in case you need to cancel or reschedule a flight.

We hope that the FlightHub Reviews 2018 above have given you a proper understanding of the company’s capabilities and services. What do you think of FlightHub? Would you use it in the future? Let us know!


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