Travel Agencies offers travel services, these includes: airfare, hotel rooms, car rentals, and vacation packages at cheap and discounted price. They also offer various travel promos from time-to-time. In the birth of the rapidly changing and developing era of technology, mainly—the internet, thus the birth of all the Online Travel Agencies. Online Travel Agencies, offers the same services; but much faster and hassle-free. With just a click of your mouse, you can manage your travel plans with these Online Travel Agencies, with the convenience of just sitting and staring at your computer monitor or even while you’re on your mobile.

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A next generation, hybrid Online Travel Agency. CheapOair, enables its customers to book airfare, hotel rooms, rental cars, and they even offer vacation packages. CheapOair became one of the top 5 Online Travel Agencies, since its inception in 2005.    

Origins and Ownership

CheapOair CEO Sam S Jain

Founded by Sam S. Jain, in 2005. CheapOair has been the largest unit under the Fareportal umbrella. The name CheapOair, was chosen to elicit a sense of value and affordability. CheapOair has been profitable in 2007. As being the 9th-largest online travel agency in 2008, CheapOair began offering hotel rooms in addition to their airfare and car rental services. CheapOair uses, opaque negotiated airfare to achieve discounted prices. An opaque inventory is the market of selling unsold travel inventory at a discounted price.

By 2010, CheapOair started garnering attention as a major player in the Online Travel Industry. It was also the same year where CheapOair launched its dedicated ad campaign in offline channels. The campaign was used to was used to demonstrate the ease of the platform and was recognized with Magellan Award from Travel Weekly and Gold Link Award from Linkshare in 2011.

CheapOair is headquartered in a Manhattan office in New York. It also has offices in: Las Vegas; Markham, Ontario; Pointe Claire, Quebec; Harrison, British Columbia; Mexico City, Mexico. Gurgaon and Pune, India; London, England and Munich, Germany.  

What people are saying

As being one of the top 5 Online Travel Agencies, CheapOair has gathered positive reviews from its customers and users. Some of these reviews are listed below.

There was an emergency in my family making it necessary to fly from South Carolina to Indianapolis. I was upset and not thinking clearly when scheduling my return Flight. I inadvertently scheduled my return for October 19th instead of September. The representative I spoke to not only change the date for me, he put me more at ease. Thank you.”

—Barbara Shaler

“The compassion given by the CheapOair staff to me when cancelling my trip is deep appreciated. What a wonderful and unforgettable experience, indeed! Will recommend CheapOAir to all of my friends….Thank you so much!”

—Brenda Lagonera

“This is the second time I’ve used this service and would not purchase my tickets from any other source.. The customer service goes above and beyond the competition… the service rep recommended flexible dates which saved me hundreds of dollars. Thanks again CheapOair”

—Robert Smith

“Made an error in flight times while making the reservation late at night and the next morning was able to talk to a real person that understood the problem and was able to change the flight times with one simple phone call.”

—Sergio Alor Cuevas

The Website


CheapOair’s website is a user-friendly website that offers various options. Upon reaching the website, a panel in which you can place your traveling plans, welcomes you. You can search for flights, hotels, rental cars and even search for their vacation packages. CheapOair offers domestic and international flights and even cruise sailings. Powered by, that offers deals, savings and greater sailings than span the globe; CheapOair offers a discount of up to 80% from top cruise lines’ unsold cabins. You can check CheapOair’s cruise deals by clicking here.


CheapOair also offers their mobile app, which was launched in 2011. The app is available for Android and iOS, which you can download by clicking the links below:

CheapOair for Android: Click here.
CheapOair for iOS: Click here.

Customer Service

Basically, CheapOair offers a 24/7 customer care service, throughout their overseas branches. They also offer live customer care service, in which a customer service representative will assist you with your questions and concerns, attentively, professionally and fast. You can access this service by going into their website and by clicking the Live Help panel, located on the top-most part of the website, just beside their online booking number.  

Contact information


  • Website URL: CheapOair
  • Customer Service Number: 1-800-566-2345
  • Contact number: -800-525-0400 / -212-478-0335
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: 212-763-0475
  • Head Office Address: CheapOair Inc, 135 W 50th street, Suite 500 New York, NY 10020 USA


In conclusion, CheapOair offers cheap deals and great services. Some of their customers complains about having added charges regarding on those deals that are stated through their website; customer care representatives responded that it was just a technical error and their technical team are working on it. However, given the complains and circumstances, CheapOair still provides efficient and convenient deals that makes every traveling plans, smooth, fast and hassle-free.

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