Art in New York City is seen in the city’s variety of art museums, big or small. Though the bigger museums are always a must-visit, these four small but significant ones have their own to offer, especially to museum goers eager to explore the whole art scene. Transport yourself, sometimes literally, to a different time and place, in New York.

Lesser-known and smaller museums in New York that pack in a lot of punch and culture in a small space, like the following, offer a sometimes free haven and quick excursion into the art world.

1. The Morgan Library & Museum

4 Key Small Museums in New York City The Morgan Library & Museum

One of the best starting points for a museum goer or researcher in Manhattan, The Morgan Library & Museum was formerly known as Pierpont Morgan Library. It was J.P. Morgan’s private collection of printed books and manuscripts, then made in accordance with the former’s will, a public institution by his son.

Now, it’s distinguished by a remarkable collection of illuminated manuscripts and early printed Bibles, original works and manuscripts of authors, fine examples of bookbinding, and drawings of a number of European artists.

Address: 225 Madison Avenue at East 36th Street, Manhattan, New York City


2. The Tenement Museum

4 Key Small Museums in New York City The Tenement Museum

This time, in New York’s Lower East Side, The Tenement Museum provides a unique insight into the lives of immigrants to New York and the role they play in shaping the nation’s identity. The brainchild of Ruth Abram, the tenement eventually found its home in 97 Orchard Street: a mass of family apartment buildings in America’s immigrant neighbourhood that were immigrants’ refuge.

The Tenement Museum offers walking tours and tenement tours that take visitors in and around the early habitations of immigrants, to learn more about how they lived in the 19th and 20th centuries. Tenement Talks are held for further discovery about immigrants and New York.

Address: 97 Orchard Street, Manhattan, New York 10002


3. Skyscraper Museum

4 Key Small Museums in New York City Skyscraper Museum

Setting you back a few dollars, the Battery Park City’s Skyscraper Museum will lift your horizons to appreciate more art and architecture, rooting from the efforts of the museum to explore the numerous aspects of skyscrapers in the world’s first and foremost vertical metropolis. From exhibitions to programs held at the Museum, the Skyscraper Museum also publishes to spread the word about skyscrapers in New York City.

Address: 39 Battery Pl, New York, NY 10280, USA


4. New York Transit Museum

4 Key Small Museums in New York City New York Transit Museum

Tucked in between Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street is the street entrance to the New York Transit Museum. The Museum itself is a division of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, dedicated to preserving and sharing the history and future of mass transportation. With a platform level spanning an entire city block, housed underground, the New York Transit Museum houses cars, buses, and more forms of transit you can ride and explore.

Address: Downtown Brooklyn


4 Key Small Museums in New York City

Traversing the Big Apple is a once in a lifetime opportunity, for first time goers who’ll feel enthralled by all it has to offer, especially in Art.

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