From the beautiful old towns in Prague to the well-preserved and timeless elegance of their characteristic architecture, the Old Towns of the countries of Europe hold a grip on our imaginations. Even after all this time, Europe – and especially the towns that had been their main draws – lives with an appreciation for their past which they express through the richness of the life they have in their old towns.

4 Amazing Things You Can Do in a European Old Town entrance

The following four things you can do in Old Towns in Europe are only some of the activities that any visitor may enjoy.

1. Do some art spotting.

4 Amazing Things You Can Do in a European Old Town art

European old towns are filled with fine works of art, from monuments throughout the squares and alleyways in some cases to more majestic structures like palaces, churches, and even fortresses. These can be glimpsed at leisure during a stroll, where each art work represents a certain historic significance that can help you dive deeper into the heart of the town.

2. Engage in the old town’s central highlight.

4 Amazing Things You Can Do in a European Old Town center

Old towns in Europe are well-known as culturally and historically important to a place. They have a wealth of cultural activities and destinations from museums to shops and restaurants that any visit not only transports you to the old town’s center but introduces you to its values and culture.

In the Old Town of Prague, their astronomical clock takes center stage in a social custom that at once celebrates the edifice and the people.

3. Live in the past and present.

4 Amazing Things You Can Do in a European Old Town market

You can lead a double life, where tradition meets modernity or where medieval styles emerge in the present time. Walking in a European Old Town often feels like walking back through time in a place frozen with the lifestyles of past centuries. In this case, it can be glimpsed strongly through the architecture and the remains of the past. Here, you can still participate in the daily activities of locals who make it a habit to visit the Old Town Market or spend a day in the museums, galleries that preserve the old town’s heritage.

4. Vantage Point

4 Amazing Things You Can Do in a European Old Town vantage point scenery

Without a doubt, an Old Town can be your best gateway to literally oversee the rest of the city. Some of these require you climb one of the old town’s many attractions or natural features in order that the rest of the city spread out at your feet. In Eastern Europe, the hikes to the top can take as much as 1,000 steps before you can admire what lie beyond the old town, or appreciate the structures and key tourist attractions you had only witnessed from the ground.

4 Amazing Things You Can Do in a European Old Town street

A visit to a country in Europe would be complete with a day of leisure at their old towns. These centers are brimming with history and culture as such an important place for the people. Nowadays, tourists make a beeline towards visiting the Old Town to get the most out of their destination’s experiences and discover the most amazing things about Europe.

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