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zurich-airport-reviews-logoLet me tell you an interesting fact about myself: I abhor bleak airports. They’re dingy, they make me feel bored and the general vibe simply doesn’t appeal to me. Fortunately, airport administration these days are ensuring their travelers make the most out of their short transit. Terminal shopping zones are currently more focused on providing for the diverse needs of their clients. Dining and beverage concessions are likewise showing signs of improvement and more becoming more and more cheaper. Planners and inside architects are cooperating to make stylishly pleasing terminals.

Every one of these enhancements can be seen in different terminals all throughout the world. Today we will take a gander at various Zurich Airport reviews to check whether this specific airplane terminal can fulfill our travel requirements and needs.

What people think of the airport

In light of online reviews, I can say that ZRH is a perfect and very well-sorted-out airplane terminal. The proficiency is superb, so much that one traveler said that he figured out how to go from the train to the airport entrance in only eight minutes. A majority of the travelers appreciated how spotlessly clean the airplane terminal is. Another traveler appreciated the light passenger traffic, conjecturing that the airplane terminal is intended to handle a bigger number of travelers than it really does.

Unfortunately, a few people detested the “callousness” of the airplane terminal, asserting that the place does not have the recognizable attributes that different air terminals have. The store costs likewise appeared to be altogether higher than in different airplane terminals. All things considered, the travelers still complimented the outstanding client administration from the work force.

The look and feel

zurich-airport-reviews-insideZurich Airport has Information areas that are located across Arrival 1, Arrival 2, Check-in 2, the Airside Center and the Car Park 2. For those guests who might want to spruce up before or after their flight, they may utilize the accessible shower rooms inside the airplane terminal for a little expense of CHF 15. For travelers, they may use the washroom inside the Transit Hotel situated at Gate D. Open bathrooms are likewise accessible at the Car Park 2, Level 1 and another at the Service Center.

Ground transportation

Situated at Zürich-Flughafen, Switzerland, ZRH can be gotten to from Central Zurich by taking the L1 Route and traveling north to expressway E60/E41, and afterward veering towards the A51 toll street and continuing straightforwardly toward the airplane terminal from that point. The airplane terminal is adjusted via prepare, transport and taxi.

Location, traffic, and service

With more than 26 million yearly travelers, 265,000 flights each year and three concrete runways, Zurich Airport is viewed as the busiest and biggest worldwide air terminal in Switzerland starting 2013. ZRH is the essential center point for Swiss Global Air Lines, Edelweiss Air, Swiss International Airlines, Germania Flug, Belair and Helvetic Airways. Right now, Zurich Airport offers 127 non-stop flights to 60 distinct nations.

Terminal Map


Contact details

  • Airport Code: ZRH
  • Phone number: +41 43 816 22 11 / +41 43 816 22 11
  • Fax number: +41 43 816 50 10
  • Website URL: http://www.zurich-airport.com/
  • Email: info@unique.ch
  • Address: Unique Zurich Airport, P.O.Box, 8058 Zurich Airport, Swizerland



Based on all the traveler audits and comments that I have gathered, I can see that despite the fact that Zurich Airport is not the best as far as feel and outline, regardless it offers its travelers awesome offices and exceptional client administration.

That finishes up this article. What do you think? Do you concur with the Zurich Airport reviews above? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment down beneath!


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