Zurich Airport

Also known as Kloten Airport, Zurich Airport is the largest is the largest international airport of Switzerland. It serves Switzerland’s largest city—Zurich, with its surface transports links that can be found much rest of the country. Zurich Airport is the principal hub for Swiss International Airline.

Zurich Airport has three runways: 16/34 of 3,700 m in length, 14/32 of 3,300 m in length, and 10/28 of 2,500 m in length. For most of the day and in most conditions, runway 14 is used for landings and runways 16 and 28 are used for takeoffs, although different patterns are used early morning and in the evenings.


Reviews – What People Are Saying

As being Switzerland’s largest international airport, Zurich Airport offers lots of clean and spotless facilities, souvenir shops and various types of restaurants. They even have their own beer, which is exclusively available only at the airport. These offers really have made their customers delighted, as locals tend to visit the airport for shopping purposes and relaxation. Hundreds of positive reviews are posted on the internet in which you can read some of them, below:

One of my favorite airports. Very nice restaurants and bars. If you feel for traditional fast food, your option is Burger King. All other is Real food, and even the fast food chain from France La Marche, has super quality. The airport also have their own beer, Zurich airport beer ZAB.”

—Roger E (Ekero, Sweden)


While my stay here was but a mere forty-five minutes while awaiting transfer, it was clear to see that this place is kept in pristine condition.  There was great order about things, and the bathrooms were immaculate.  If the airport is any indication of how a nation operates, it’d behoove me to have my passport stamped and stay to enjoy the area in the future.”
—Rob W (Fishkill, United States)


The airport itself was immaculate and very orderly. European customer service overall lacks smiles and positive affirmations usually found in similar settings in America. The shops were dutifully appointed and very attractive to the eyes. We spent only two hours here and I kinda wanted to stay longer! Good we didn’t have more time or some significant money would have been left here!”

—Eric P (Fresno, United States)


Zurich Airport has three airside piers, which are known as terminals A, B, and E. These are linked to the Airside Center, which was built in 2003. Alongside the Airside Center, is the ground-side terminal complex named Airport Center, which comprises several buildings, including check-in areas, shopping malls, a railway station, car parks, and a bus and tram terminal. Terminal A is exclusively used by flights to and from destinations around the Schengen Area.




Terminal B on the other hand, has gates prefixed as B and D. Like terminal A, it takes the form of a finger pier directly connected at one end to the Airside Centre. As rebuilt, it is designed to handle both Schengen and non-Schengen flights at the same gates. Each such gate has two numbers, one prefixed B and the other D, but with different passenger routes to and from the gates in order to keep the flows of Schengen and non-Schengen passengers separate

Terminal E contains gates prefixed E, and is also known as the midfield terminal or Dock E. It is a stand-alone satellite terminal located on the opposite side of runway 10/28 from the Airside Center, and is situated between runways 16/34 and 14/32. It is entirely used by non-Schengen international flights and became operational and was opened on September 1, 2003. It is connected to the Airside Center by the Skymetro, an automated underground people mover.


The airport is located 13 kilometres north of central Zürich, in the municipalities of Kloten, Rümlang, Oberglatt, Winkel and Opfikon, all of which are within the canton of Zürich. There are several ground transportation services located at the airport and within the city centre, which offers exclusive transportation services to and from the airport.

Zurich Airport railway station can be found underneath the Airport Centre, which offers Zurich S-Bahn services, plus other direct services to many places throughout the city.

Stadtbahn Glattal, a light rail system that can be found in front of the airport city, interworks with the Zurich Tram System, together with a regional bus station. Both stations (Bus and tram), provides service to destination throughout the Glattal region, that surrounds the whole airport.

If you are driving, you can take the A51 motorway and other main roads which are linked to the airport’s own road network.

Terminal Map

Zurich Airport Map

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: IATA: ZRH – ICAO: LSZH
  • Phone number: +41 43 816 22 11
  • Website URL: www.zurich-airport.com
  • Email: info@unique.ch
  • Fax: +41 43 816 50 10
  • Address: Unique Zurich Airport, P.O.Box, 8058 Zurich Airport, Switzerland


With the reviews given the airport’s customers and other informations posted throughout some reliable reviews and information websites. We’ve discovered that Zurich Airport isn’t just used as terminals for passengers and different airlines, but as a place for unwinding, relaxing and sightseeing(yes). As the airport provides various shops and restaurants, clean facilities and fast processing check-ins and security lines; the experience while you are at Zurich Airport, must be a convenient and fantastic one.  


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