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Brussels Airlines Reviews Brussels_Airlines_LogoMost commonly known for being the source of the world’s top-tier chocolates, waffles and beer, Belgium is also home to Brussels Airlines (SN). Brussels Airlines is the flag carrier of the Kingdom of Belgium and is the successor of previous airlines Sabena and SN Brussels Airlines.

If you’re traveling to Belgium, there is a high chance that you will be flying with them. Is this airline the right choice for you or should you look for other ones? Let’s find out by checking out different Brussels Airlines reviews, shall we?

History and Proprietorship

Brussels Airlines Reviews Bernard GustinBrussels Airlines was founded on November 7, 2006  when SN Brussels, Belgium’s former national airline, merged with Virgin Express. The airline started commenced operations on March 25, 2007.

The Chief Executive Officer of Brussels Airlines is Bernard Gustin. Mr. Gustin is a Commercial Engineer graduate from Institut Catholique des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (ICHEC) and an MBA holder from Solvay Business School. Mr. Gustin had been appointed to his current role in 2008.

What people are saying

What most passengers like about this airline is the way they care for their aircraft. A passenger noted how “pristine” the cabin bathrooms were. According to the same passenger, the rows were so neat that he wanted to lay down and sleep on it.

Cabin crew service also seemed good. According to one passenger, his flight had been delayed due to the aircraft’s wing being struck by lightning. Due to this, the crew actually went ahead and served extra refreshments and handed out some chocolates to the temporarily stranded passengers. Thumbs up for the crew!

However, there are a few setbacks. The seats, complained one passenger, were thin and a bit hard. Settling down for a little nap could be a little difficult to some.

The Website

Brussels Airlines Reviews WebsiteBrussels Airlines Reviews WebsiteWhen you go to their website for the first time, you will be taken to a country and language selection page. This will help optimize your experience once you finally head to their main website. After setting your country and language, click the orange save button. Now you’re on their main website.

Here, you will notice the flight search form with the line “Where are you flying to?” placed on top. Click this blue form and you will notice how it automatically expands to display more input boxes. To search for flights, type in all the necessary details and click the “Book Flights” button at the bottom right.

Other services include flight upgrades, hotel booking, car rental reservation, travel insurance and more.

Customer Service

For concerns and inquiries, customers may call the Brussels Airlines telephone hotline number: +32 (0) 078 18 88 89. Their fax number is +32 2 754 19 10. You may also send them a message through their email For more details on how to contact Brussels Airlines, go to this page.


A Star Alliance member, Brussels Airlines mostly offers Economy Class flights except on some larger aircraft, which are configured with Business Class cabins. The airline flies to 75 destinations all across Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Inflight entertainment (IFE) consists of personal screens equipped with movies, video games and TV shows. They also have inflight magazines and newspapers for those who prefer paperback reading materials.


Brussels Airlines is hubbed at the Brussels Airport. They are headquartered in Diegem, Machelen, Belgium and have two lounges, namely: Brussels Lounge and The Loft.

Their fleet consists of seventeen (17) Airbus A319-100, seven (7) Airbus A320-200, three (3) Airbus A330-200, five (5) Airbus A330-300, twelve (12) Avro RJ100 and one (1) Boeing 737-300.

Contact Information


A customer-focused airline bent on offering their passengers with good flight experience, Brussels Airlines is bound to fit right in the heart of most airline travelers. There are, as usual, some noticeable flaws in this airline yet that doesn’t stop them from being an excellent carrier. If you will be flying to Belgium, why not try out Brussels Airlines?

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