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logo7Air Baltic is the result of the joint venture between Scandinavian Airlines and Latvian government in 1995. Relatively young in the commercial aviation industry, Air Baltic became one of the most prominent airlines in the Baltic region. Unfortunately, in early 2011 the airline was struck by heavy financial loss and as capital loss continued to mount, the airline was at the brink of financial collapse.

In these Air Baltic reviews, we give travelers an overview about the national airline of Latvia. We are also going to read some customer feedback that will summarize the airline’s service.
Honestly, I’m really impressed with this airline; it garnered a near perfect rating from their previous customers, apart from that, passengers have a lot of good things to say about the airline’s service. Moreover, it seems that they are widely recommended for their very affordable flight fares. In addition to that, flight service on-board is above average, which added to the overall flight experience with the airline.

Unfortunately, Air Baltic is not spared from some criticism, especially with regards to their very strict baggage policies and some issues of flight delays. But despite these, looking back at all customer reviews, the airline is well recommended.

Air Baltic Website

aEzNaSQMeanwhile, the airline website is pretty conventional, it offers a sophisticated search panel wherein customers can search and book flights the easier way possible. In addition to that, the website is equipped with various important information that can help travelers on their flight journey, not only with the airline service, but also with the airport service. This will lessen traveler’s time and will give them ample time to manage their flights hassle-free.

Apart from these, their website offers a wide array of cheap fares which are available in different focus cities of the airline such as Berlin, London, Munich, Milan and much more. Learn more about their promotional flight fares on their website, here.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear if the airline provides any mobile application for smartphones. Anyhow, booking procedure can be done on their website or via customer service. Moreover, the customer service hotline of the airline may vary with the airline’s local branches. Their customer service hotline in their head office in Latvia is available via +90001100 from Monday to Friday 7:00 to 22:00 and Saturday & Sunday 8:00 to 20:00. Passengers may also visit their website to learn more about their local service hotline here.

About Air Baltic

AS Air Baltic Corporation also styled as “airBaltic” is the official flag carrier of the Republic of Latvia. The airline operates as a low-cost based airline with 60 direct flights in Baltic states. Its hub is the largest international airport in Latvia, the Riga International Airport. The airline has a total of 24 aircraft in active service composed mainly of Boeing and Bombardier aircraft.

The airline offers only two flight classes available in business class and economy flight class. In fact, flight services on-board may vary depending on passenger’s flight class and flight duration. As an illustration of the airline’s service, business class passengers can enjoy the premium service of the airline; as a matter of fact, three-course meals are served including champagne and welcome drinks. Aside from that, business class offers more spacious flight seating.

Economy flight class, on the other hand, offers a buy-on-board program wherein passengers can buy snacks, meals and drinks on-board. As a matter of fact, meals can be purchased 24 hours before a passenger’s flight.

Contact information

Website URL:
Contact number: +90001100
Contact Email:
Fax Number: +371 7 207 369
Head Office Address: Riga International Airport, Marupe Municipality, Riga, LV-1053, Latvia


Based on these Air Baltic reviews, the airline is very well-recommended. Chiefly, for the very affordable flight fares they offer to travelers. As a matter of fact, that is not the only good thing about them. Despite offering relatively cut-rated flight fares, Air Baltic’s services are extremely exceptional and above average which is very rare for low cost based airlines.

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